I have a dream

Recently, I sing to break the sound of silence and to hide my fear. My husband who is the only audience suffers from singing, dancing, and laughing. He laughs with me simply to cover that my laughter sounds hysterical. Keep the melody of your favorite song vivid in your head while you are reading my […]

Each minute is a Story

On that Saturday, the alarm didn’t wake me up. I just opened my eyes and turned my whole body towards my husband. “I choose you today, too!” I whispered. The cardamom scent led him to the small kitchen, seated him, and stretched his long hand to his cup. He had the first sip of our […]

Words are my Silence

Molly asked me why I write. She doesn’t know that this simple question opens Pandora Box. She doesn’t know that I take pleasure in putting words near each other just like a child who is always trying to fit together pieces of a puzzle. Words root me and release my screams. Words make me the […]


It is an early morning and the first dawn of the year!My pen doesn’t want to dance on the paper. My fingers squeeze the pen but my soul pour no life in its ink. Yesterday, I decided to go to bed before the two hands of the clock coming over each other to announce the […]

Let’s Step out of the Abaya

Four years in Eschwege, Germany are not enough to be part of the community, unfortunately!Personally speaking, I feel and act like an Eschweger but my social circle hear what they see not what I say. They communicate with my headscarf not with what I tell breathlessly. My social circle, mistakenly and intentionally,  interpret ‘we’ when […]

A New Stone!

I was asked to write a short biography to go hand in hand with a conference publication. How short it is? What timeline should I exclude from my life? What identity should I choose to match the boxes so my short biography matches the expectations? There is no Harvard, Yale or Berlin on my cerificates, […]

Write to Recreate My Life

My Syrian Fridays used to be the mosque days while my German ones are the writing days. Molly Brown didn’t pursued me to convert but she granted me the chance to do free writing. Her invitation to write creatively and not to dig deep in my memories turned to be a venture into the untold […]


My Arrival phase to Eschwege, Germany is being shaped by compassionate sympathetic species. Is this a matter of luck and coincidence or a mere understanding that we ‘the people’ do not choose to hurt each other? I was biking towards the Felsenkeller Beergarten following my life-long-biking-trainer instructions trying to remember – but in vain – […]